Multiple Hangfire servers with their own sql storage but shared queue server

I have multiple ASP.NET site all running the Hangfire server and with their own sql storage for Hangfire. We use a centralized RabbitMQ server and each of our sites create site specific queues with using site keys. I’ve configured Hangfire to use the RabbitMQ queues, however, my question is also applicable to MSMQ. How can I get Hangfire create site-specific default queues rather than a generic default queue. I was also to pass in and change the Queues when initializing the server to be site specific, however, unless I use the Queue attribute for my background jobs, when the job is enqueued, it’s put in the default queue and never processed.

So if were to leave the Queue as default when starting the server for all sites, would Hangfire correctly process messages in each site server based on which server published the message? Why can’t we initialize hangfire with a custom set of queues the state machine uses the first or last queue from the list as the default instead of default.

Nevermind. @odinserj’s reply to this thread Can you put reoccuring jobs in a specific queue worked for me.