Implementing own IAuthorizationFilter filters in 1.1.0

I was updating my Hangfire project to 1.1.0 yesterday which is now using ILMerge to get rid of Microsoft.Owin, NCrontab and CronExpressionDescriptor but this causes a problem since the IAuthorizationFilter has a binding to IOwinContext which has been merged and marked as internal.

Am i doing something wrong or do others have the same issue?

Ps. i also see that the separate Hangfire.Dashboard.Authorization project haven’t been updated to used Hangfire 1.1.0 yet which explains why @odinserj might haven’t noticed the issue himself.

See, I would imagine a NuGet release of 1.1.1 will be not too far away.

Sorry for this problem - authorization filters completely flew out of my head. I’ve already made the correcting release for this problem -