Hangfire advantages compared to a UC4 job

I have so far really liked Hangfire, and I think its an excellent/robust framework.

However, in our organization, we have UC4 jobs that are deployed to take care of long running operations. So if I want to process big batches of data, I deploy a UC4 job that wakes up every 5 minutes and processes batches that are waiting in queue to be processed.

My questions: What would be the benefits of doing long running operations in Hangfire as compared to UC4 jobs? Would I gain something by not using a UC4 job, but instead using Hangfire with a web app?

@sun21170, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I’ve never used UC4 Job Scheduling Services in my web applications, and can not provide feature comparison. The main goal of Hangfire is to provide a simple and scalable way to process background jobs in ASP.NET applications. But I can’t recommend you to switch from the solution you currently use unless you know what you are doing.