Distibuted architecture

Hi Everyone

Can someone explain to me how to achieve truly distributed architecture ? We are evaluating Hangfire as a solution in our SOA implementation.

We have multiple redundant services (eg Service A, Service B) each running their own Hangfire server. We would like to have one dashboard / database controlling all of these jobs. Queues are excellent for this !

The stumbling block we have is that the dashboard needs a reference to all assemblies that the jobs reference. Can someone explain why ? Just to produce a call tree ? Shouldn’t that be the responsibility of the server, not the dashboard? This is really ties all of our services to the hangfire dashboard, having to have cross solution/repository references to many, many assemblies that have nothing to do with the dashboard application.

I would have assumed that the dashboard could operate completely independently of the server - simply by reading the persisted data. This is a real show stopper

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I am trying to have something similar.

Read this thread for more problem that you might have: One Dashboard and multiple servers running same subset of jobs

You can extract all job methods to an Interface and them share these between both projects.