Decorations or Properties

Hello All.

I would not say I am a total newbie (after about 4 weeks) but am developing a sense of familiarity viewing/working with the system externally (if that is in any way clear). My primary use of this excellent product is setting up more than a few RecurringJobs in one Windows Console Program and using the BackgroundJobServer in a separate Console application (converted to a Windows Service) to execute the schedule (if that is correct terminology).

Each time my director asks me to learn how to do something with this product, I search here and voila there IS some sort of answer. Very, very, very cool.

Please forgive me if this seems a bit simple. I think this request is worth consideration.

So far, almost every workaround I have implemented is in the form of a method “decoration”.
No doubt I am glad they are there. They help me get to where I need to go. However, my request is really in the form of semantics.

I am of the opinion that the class method should be focusing on the job it has to do.
When we start “decorating” the method to indicate how it should be processed by an external scheduler, the method now is considering an additional paradigm that is outside of the scope of the job or work it is supposed to do.

Once again I am thankful for the decorations because they work, but may I ask here that these “decorations” could be added as Properties to the Recurring Job. Class/Module.

It would be far better IMHO for the “Scheduling Operator” (a role I am making up for this request) to be able to set scheduling “properties” pertinent to method that is being referred to when they AddOrUpdate the RecurringJob.

If the Scheduling Operator has no access to the source code for the assembly they are referring to they will at least be able to set up the Recurring Job with more flexibility using the properties I am requesting.

In addition to making the Scheduling Operator’s life a bit easier, having the properties available allows the coder for the class method to focus solely on the work the method has to perform.

Just a thought…

Thanks for a great product.