Can we do the Integration Between SQLServer, Dapper, Hangfire, Swagger and Webapi on Netcore 2.2?

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I have a problem to configure and Integration between Swagger , Dapper , Hangfire on Netcore 2.2 WebApi ,

So the rule like this

SQLServerDB----(Data)—>Dapper—>EndPoint(values) * Query Executed on every morning that scheduled with Hangfire

I’ve done something like this:

public ValuesController(IValuesRepository repoValues)
   _repoValues = repoValues;

[HttpGet("api/values/getall", Name = "values_all")]
public async Task<ActionResult> GetAll()
    BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => _repoValues.GetAll());
    return Ok(new { error = false, statuscode = 200, values = _repoValues.GetAll() , message = "Success" });

On myview that data output will show on swagger that UI can consume the output data.

Help Thanks