storage 2.0-features
About the feature category [feature] (2)
UI for adding new jobs [feature] (2)
Add Create Job Button [feature] (1)
Hangfire Learning [feature] (2)
Making Hangfire server always ON in .net core application [feature] (3)
Event/Job Filter events for after job is activated via IoC Container and before IoC container is disposed [feature] (1)
Schedule using JSON [feature] (1)
MemoryStorage available for testing [storage] (13)
.NET Core 3.0 worker service [feature] (1)
Hangfire and ElasticSearch as storage [storage] (1)
Serializing objects using protocol buffer [feature] (1)
ServicePrincipal based authentication [feature] (1)
Possibility to filter failed jobs by their queue? [feature] (2)
Rabbit MQ MassTransit , Hangfire Schedule Job [feature] (1)
Run the same RecurringJob at the same time in multiples servers instances [feature] (9)
Please add strong names to Hangfire assemblies [feature] (17)
Timeout Per Job [feature] (1)
Changing the aggregate counter values on Dashboard homepage [feature] (3)
ActiveMQ backend [feature] (1)
MySql - .Net Core [storage] (2)
Add the ability to pause queues [feature] (10)
Distributed - Microservice - Data loading [feature] (1)
New storage possibilities (Oracle, ...) [storage] (8)
Call to HangFire from a web service [2.0-features] (2)
NuGet package available to send HangfireLog to Logstash [feature] (1)
Database Cleanup (SQL Server) [feature] (4)
Performance Counters in Core [feature] (1)
Announcing storage provider supporting MSSQL, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL [storage] (10)
Make my asp.net mvc web application always running [feature] (2)
How to prevent new jobs when queue size is greater than X [feature] (1)